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All collected donations from Germany and all over the world go to 100 per cent in the work of the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) “Bamboo Shoots” which supports education for children in Cambodia. For more news, please check the Facebook page as well.


“Bamboo Shoots – time to grow” is a non-government organisation (NGO) based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is an independent and charitable non-profit organisation and is not integrated into any state structures. The team of the NGO consists of a total of 15 Cambodian teachers and other employees, Sothy Marek (director of Bamboo Shoots), Petra Marek (organisational manager and social worker).

Petra Marek is originally from Berlin but lives since 1995 in Cambodia, where she has developed the local work together with her Cambodian husband. She receives financial and administrative support from two churches in Berlin. “Bamboo Shoots e.V.” is the official association of the NGO to fundraise money for the different projects.

At the moment we take care of about 300 children in three schools around Siem Reap. Two nursery schools are located in the Angkor Thom district in the north of the city and a third one in Rokar Yea near Puok disctrict. In this area, our library is situated as well which offers an additional education to older students in the villages. For these ones we have afternoon classes with reinforced lessons of English, Khmer and general knowledge as well.

Pre-school programmes

In the nursery schools, children aged 3 to 5 are taught lessons suitable for their age every weekday. They learn basic skills in English, Khmer, Art and Bible. Because we believe that Christian values are important, the kids get to know different stories from the bible connected with songs and creative work. The development of the creative individual side of each child is another part of our education. In addition, we provide basic hygiene and a proper meal every day which is for some children the first food they get on this day.
To show the variety of our society to the children, they learn how to work together across social barriers, e.g. by integrating disabled children. Therefor we introduced special integration classes in 2013. In our different play facilities and outside activities they learn additionally to accept each other and play together. This all is the process of growing in childhood which is our essential idea of Bamboo Shoots. Our work should help the children to have a better start in the state school system and to support their families as well. Besides, their older brothers and sisters who often have to look after the younger children at home are free to attend the state schools regularly.

Afternoon classes

We offer basic lessons to children and young people aged 6 to 17 who are not integrated into the state school system. We also teach English to children of all ages in Rokar Yea and Phum Prasat. In the afternoons, we offer extra courses for older children to supplement the lessons at the state schools. In addition to educational courses offered to parents in the villages – such as reading, writing, agricultural seminars – we also offer practical support and help people to help themselves in the difficult circumstances in their lives. For example, we offer financial start-up aid to enable people to start breeding their own animals.

Our goals

Bamboo Shoots offers educational measures designed to help families develop a sustainable standard of living. An old Cambodian proverb speaks of children as bamboo shoots which will replace the old bamboo stems. That is exactly what we want to prepare the children for.

Our main activities to achieve this goal are:

  • Pre-school programmes
  • Afternoon school programmes and special tuition for older children
  • Aid for former pre-school children (e.g. donations of rice)
  • Helping young people to find apprenticeships and jobs
  • Contact with families and state teachers
  • Support for the families of the pupils
  • Adult education
  • Additional education facilities for all age groups by our library

Growth of our work

2003  – First nursery school in Kok Kryll

2005  – Kids‘ Club in Rokar Yea

2006  – Foundation of Bamboo Shoots / Second nursery school in Liang Dai

2008  – Construction of a library in Phum Prasat

2010  – Foundation of the fundraising association “Bamboo Shoots e.V. / Third nursery school in Rokar Yea

2011  – Start of English lessons in the library

2013  – Introduction of integration classes with disabled children

2016  – Solar system for sustainable energy in two schools

Cambodia is situated in south-east Asia between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. About 15 million people live in the country, about 2 million of them in the capital, Phnom Penh. The signs of the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot (1975-1979) are still visible. The country was severely devastated, the infrastructure destroyed and all educated persons were murdered. 20-32 per cent of the population at the time (1 to 3 million people) were killed by acts of violence. Another tragic leftover are the land mines that are still in the ground in many provinces. The subsequent Vietnamese occupation government from 1979-1991 and the political upheaval that lasted until 1998 did not help the development of the country. So the country is still a developing country, even though tourism is on the increase: Each year over 2 million people visit the temple complex of “Angkor Wat” (UNESCO World Heritage) near Siem Reap.

But there is a lack of medical care, public transport, uninterrupted electricity and many other facilities. In particular, people in the villages hardly benefit at all from the country’s growth. 35% of the overall population (53% in the province of Siam Reap) live below the
poverty line of about 15 US $ per month. This is one of the reasons why many children have hardly any schooling in spite of the public school system. Especially in the villages, children have to contribute to the family livelihood from an early age, or look after younger children.

Support us

„Without this free preschool, many of these children would have no chance to develop and learn and have a difficult time coping in educational settings later on. It is an incredible project and well deserving of support.“ –
Natalie Tella, English Teacher

„This project has made a massive difference to the children with disabilities that attend. I am working with Bamboo Shoots in a partnership with my NGO to provide the best opportunities and education to those in this disadvantaged group. This project provides quality preschool education that is otherwise unavailable to the children they serve. The children attending come from poor families that could not afford to send their children to preschool. This gives them a better start to their education, and will enable them to look to a better future.“ – Marguertie McCann, Occupational Therapist

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